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The default icon given to new Scratchers, created by Yickpoo.[1]

To become a Scratcher, one must make an account. The following information must be entered:

  1. Username (Between 3 and 20 characters)
  2. Password (Must be at least 6 characters; never share this!)
  3. Confirm password
  4. Birth month and year (Will never be shared with anybody, only used for the Scratch Statistics site. Also used to confirm if you're the right person when deleting an account.)
  5. E-mail address (Parent/guardian's e-mail if under 13; do not share this either; will be only used for confirming the address or resetting password)
  6. Gender (Male, female, or other)
  7. Country

Some of the information is used for the Scratch Statistics site, and some of it will also appear on your My Stuff Page. Some is for reference for the Scratch Team.

Following this, an account will be created, with a default Scratch Cat icon. To become a Scratcher you need to "Participate on Scratch More" Meaning following people,confirming sharing email, sharing projects, follow people, make a Studio etc.